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  1. ExaltedLife

    What if you already know enough?

    I finally understood this recently after letting it stop me for years. "Learn by doing" ought to be the entrepreneur's education philosophy
  2. ExaltedLife

    Am I sitting on a goldmine?

    My aunt and her husband have a ton of apple trees. About 1000 probably. We were having drinks with his sister one day after I built their new house on the property talking about how to monetize them. Her idea was the best I think: packaged apple pie mixes. Chop fruit, mix with whatever else...
  3. ExaltedLife

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    "Should we hire photographers?" "Nah B I got a camera on my phone"
  4. ExaltedLife

    Effective Copywriting - for free! (Mostly)

    It's not my first priority at the moment so I haven't been seeking work
  5. ExaltedLife

    Effective Copywriting - for free! (Mostly)

    Definitely, sounds like fun, pm me
  6. ExaltedLife

    I need help maintaining a balanced diet

    Oh you're young. If you want to eat healthy and still calorie dense, eat lots of rib eye. It's got everything a body needs.
  7. ExaltedLife

    I need help maintaining a balanced diet

    What are you eating? You could eat more calorie dense foods. One of my favorites is hard cheese, cured meats and wine. Packed with fat and protein. I'm eating it right now actually, haha.
  8. ExaltedLife

    Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    It's not flawed, but it's incomplete. Apart from calories in/calories out, weight is managed by your metabolism, which depend on your mitochondria. So what you eat is just as important as how much you eat.
  9. ExaltedLife

    How to Wipe Your Own a$$ When You're 70

    It's not what everybody has known forever, and there's WAY more to the story. I highly recommend her book. She goes into nutrient profiles, what certain foods do to the immune system, a whole bunch of interesting stuff. For example, she doesn't just say 'eat fruits and veggies'. She says, eat...
  10. ExaltedLife

    How to Wipe Your Own a$$ When You're 70

    Apart from exercises, I would recommend focusing heavily on what you eat. Inflammatory issues will exacerbate all issues, weaken your bones and muscles, and slow recovery. Something close to Dr. Terry Wahls diet is the best way to go.
  11. ExaltedLife

    [Progress] Building An Advertising Agency | Personal Journal

    Welcome to the forum. Based on your track record and experience, you have the skills to make the business work. If you're too nice and struggle with cold calling, there are two avenue you can take: 1. Hire somebody to do it for you, and/or 2. Learn to do it I suggest the latter at first...
  12. ExaltedLife

    Have a problem with my family

    You don't need anybody's permission, therefore you don't need to explain your business. Just smile and nod and change the subject.
  13. ExaltedLife

    Idea for MJ Demarco and The Fastlane Forum

    That's sort of what I had in mind actually. It seems like a win-win to leverage the forum in this respect, because it's a fun reason to "stay for the glory" of investing seed capital and watching the progress of the grind.
  14. ExaltedLife

    From the typical preplanned Path... to the Fastlane

    Great introduction. Before abandoning your moving company, why not think of how to take it to fastlane? Depends on your goals of course, but there's definitely million dollar potential there if you expand correctly
  15. ExaltedLife

    Idea for MJ Demarco and The Fastlane Forum

    I understand what you guys are saying. The ideas thread is different from what I'm proposing. I'm offering the idea because I think there's huge potential within the Fastlane Forum to build an investing platform of some kind. And with that, it's not because I intend to rely on it to find...

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