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    High MPG Cars

    My first car was a 89 chevy sprint. Same 1.0L 3cyl as the metro, the only problem was the power. it had something like 50-60hp and a 0-60 time of about a week. It takes fuel to make power. When I started reading your post, I immediately thought of the jetta diesel! Only problem with...
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    REAL ESTATE A Real Estate story . . .

    DAMN GOOD story so far!! Is that game THAT realistic? how many players does it take to play?
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    REAL ESTATE A Real Estate story . . .

    what were you doing before that allowed you to get financing for all of these houses?
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    OFF-TOPIC Red Wings Win The Cup!

    it was hockey season?
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    OFF-TOPIC I think I saw MJ Saturday...really!

    I saw a orange drop top Merci going down the San Tan 202 near the new San Tan Mall about 5:30pm.
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    here is some motivation for the car lovers!

    Here is a INSANE private car collection from one guy. I thought Jay Leno had some awsome stuff! This guy is in the fastlane for sure!
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    REAL ESTATE Is 20% Equity TOO Much!?

    Im not a CPA, so check with your tax person on this. From my understanding, you can only deduct the interest. I highly doubt the IRS will let you take a double write off on the interest. On a side note, you might be able to claim the loss each month as a added deduction, but again don't...
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    OFF-TOPIC Came by this while reading

    Thats a bold statement.
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    REAL ESTATE Is 20% Equity TOO Much!?

    You can write off the interest that you are paying. Since you just bought the property, the first few years you will be paying mostly interest, so the write off is larger. Obviously as time goes by, and the less interest you pay, the lower this tax deduction is going to be, but by that time...
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    HOT TOPIC How to save $1,000 AND find more time for you

    Here is what I did to save money, make more time for myself and not give up my TV. My cable bill was about $95 a month including $30 for internet and a $20 credit from my HOA. I called the cable company one day and said I wanted to cancel my service because I could get a better deal with dish...
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    REAL ESTATE Is 20% Equity TOO Much!?

    Back to the tax write off thing... if you are loosing $165/Mo, thats $1980 a year. You could probably get all of that back and then some just by the tax deduction. So it might not be a loss at all. I guess thats my way to see the glass half
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    Terms You should know

    Very nice! speed +++
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    REAL ESTATE Is 20% Equity TOO Much!?

    Wouldn't another cost be the price of PMI since he would be dropping below the 20% equity mark? Let me add a question here too... lets say a HELOC rate is at 10%, but he can only make 8-9% a ROI on that. Would it make sense to say that since you can use the tax write off on the HELOC, that...
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    My Summer Business...Okay, Summer JOB

    From what i've seen of the roomba and scooba, all they do is drive (for lack of a better term) around and bounce off of walls in random lines (like a ball on a screen saver). It would probably take 5x as long to wait for one of those devices to clean a office as it would if you just bought a...
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    REAL ESTATE Closed on my first investment property!!!!

    I read a quote a while back from someone who was into commercial RE. He said "you get rich by selling RE, but you become wealthy by holding RE".

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