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Ecom man
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  • Is there ANYONE out there that can share their experience with Income Store?? It has been nearly impossible finding any client references. Anxiously waiting to hear back from you!TIA
    Mike M
    Thanks for your response. Make no mistake, I've emailed and called. However, no one I have spoken to has any good answers for me. And, they won't refer me to someone who can give me a satisfactory answer. I'm polite and reasonable, but I need some sort of assurance that they are actually trying to purchase sites and not using my money to pay other peoples contracts.
    Hi Ecom Man and Mike. I'd be happy to meet with you and go over things with you as I work for the company. If you'd like to call or email, please let me know and I will make sure you are taken care of.
    Mike M
    Dan was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone discussing my concerns. I am hopeful to be receiving all my sites soon and look forward to additional investments with Income Store.
    Hey Ecom man, has Income Store found a site for you yet? I've invested in late 2017 (so over a year now) but still no site, although I'm getting the guaranteed payments. Just want to know your experience ad if you have a site already, thanks.
    Juicy888 and Econ man, I've been waiting to hear how your Income Store investment is going? Met with Bill Courtright from Income Store and trying to decide if this is all he says it is. You two and Ryan Moran are the only people I can find as clients to reach out to for their input with this company. That's been my biggest hinderance is references. I can NOT find them!
    You met in person with Mr. Courtright?
    Hello Econ man,

    I've gone through your eBay thread and your most recent thread and just had a question to ask if you'd be willing to answer?
    Ecom man
    Ecom man
    Sure, I’m always happy to help anyone I can.
    Hey Ecom man. I'm really happy to have come across your ecommerce thread.I've skimmed thru the first 38 or 39 pages.
    Anyways,the reason I'm writing is because I've been thinking about starting an ecommerce business in Hungary.I'm just not sure about certain aspects.
    Do you mind if I send you a PM?
    Hey Ecom man, made an account after reading through your ebay thread. I've soaked up a lot of invaluable info but their are few things i am still unsure on. Is it possible to ask you a few questions when you have time, any advice would be great! i am fully committed to make this a success! my email is thanks once again.
    Hey ecom man, i have an idea that could mutually benefit each of us immediately. All i ask is that you hear me out, and if you don't like it, that'll be the end of it. if you're interested please email me at
    Hey mate, great thread on selling via amazon and ebay.
    "ebay is tapped out now, everyone knows about it, everyone is doing it" has always been my mentality. I have 5 sample products to test out now, just wondering if you can PM me and advise whether I am pointing in the right direction. I cant seem to find the PM button on this page :p or is this it?
    Eco man, I see you are a popular guy as per your other profile posts. I to would like to take advantage of your knowledge.
    I have been a blue collar guy most of my life and have worked extremely hard. Hard work does not scare me, but it is a different kind of hard work that I am after. As a result of my hard work I have saved up 100k in cash and need a mentor to help me get started towards financial freedom for myself and my family.
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    I have been researching like crazy but feel that everything I look into is a scam. I don't know if I am looking in the right places. So I am her to ask to start a relationship where we can lean on each other and make money. Obviously at this time I will be leaning on you more, however, I hope to return the favor in the near future.If you can and are willing to help please message me at Thank you
    oh wow , this was a great message to read in the morning... thank you!! if you can somehow find any value that i can offer to you then i will also be more then happy to give back. but first i think i should start of by telling you a little more about my situation.
    charles J
    i currently have about $500 to invest in my start up, so with that said, comes a lot of questions =) such as "how do i get started on the right path?" "is this enough money to start off with" "what do i need to learn?" ect... there just seems to be so much that i need to learn. i am so willing to take the step that you have to offer. all i would need is your guidance... thanks again!!
    hey there ecom man. just saw your post about selling goods on amazon and ebay. GREAT Post!! my name is Charles... this has definitely got me interested in learning thE process full on... im currently a student looking for a mentor on such subjects like this one... just wondering if you would be interested in sharing your knowledge with me on or off the forums.. thanks for the POST!!
    Ecom man
    Ecom man
    I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.
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