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    BOOK REVIEW Never Split The Difference, by Chris Voss

    Rating: :star::star::star::star::star: Format: Audible & Paperback My thoughts/review: A great book about negotiation that brakes the "Getting-To-Yes" rules. The author is a former FBI agent and many of the rules explained come straight from the field. I have listened to the book twice as...
  2. eagleye101

    INTRO Greetings from Greece

    Greetings αδερφέ, Before creating anything do some research (in depth) to see if what you’ll offer is in need (c.e.N.t.s) then see if you can create value with your knowledge & skills. Read both TMF & unscripted. Then read it again. P.S. nice to see you here @mentalic :)
  3. eagleye101

    EXECUTION Quitting my 80k job, moving out of state to start a consulting business from nothing

    Hey @Claude Roy Any updates on the consulting business?
  4. eagleye101

    WEB/DIGITAL Monetization of travel blog. Any ideas?

    Thank you both for your replies. Much appreciated. These are some imprtant info that I have to dig into.
  5. eagleye101

    PUBLISHING Forum Members and Their Books!?

    Thanks for this MJ, I have a book on Amazon about Minimalism called MINIMAL LIFESTYLE Here's the amazon link: Initial idea was to have a cheap book on amazon to bring people to my related website and upsell something else but that...
  6. eagleye101

    WEB/DIGITAL Monetization of travel blog. Any ideas?

    Hi, I have a travel blog about Greece which was created somehow by mistake. Let me explain. Back in 2015, I wrote (actually outsourced) a travel Kindle book about Greece since the country receives millions of tourists each year. The book itself was not really a success but one of the ideas I...
  7. eagleye101

    *UNSCRIPTED* Identity Hacking: How to Kill Your Status Quo

    Thanks, @Danny Sullivan, appreciate it. eagleye reporting here: Things remain the same! Still an employee, still on the slow lane. Still the same identity! After some epic discussions with @Andrew J. I came to some conclusions. The more you educate your self (without apparent reason), the...
  8. eagleye101

    Γεια χαρα :)

    Γεια χαρα :)
  9. eagleye101

    HOT TOPIC If You Were A Moderator

    TL;DR Please make it possible for threads to have an opening post that can be edited as a TL;DR about the whole thread (by the author). It's literally impossible to read all replies to some threads with more than 1000 replies. And some golden nuggets are hidden there.
  10. eagleye101

    HOT TOPIC Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018

    It's on sale if you log in from Greece. Screenshot: Image 2018-06-03 at 10.14.17 AM.png
  11. eagleye101

    From zero to 15$ in one year or less

    Leaving the script is a state of mind. Quoting Morpheus from the Matrix "You are starting to believe" and once you start to believe things are possible, things suddently become possible. I recall a story from the Olympics, correct me if I'm wrong, where people thought it impossible for a human...
  12. eagleye101

    HOT TOPIC If You Were A Moderator

    Hi @MJ DeMarco Could I suggest a feature for the forum? I've been going back n forth to flippa lately and can't avoid to notice that 90% of the websites sold there are ***let's say "not so quality-websites :'( But there are some good business sold there. It just takes aeons to find a good...
  13. eagleye101

    HOT TOPIC Quote of the Day - QOTD

    "A problem solved with money is not a problem" I don't remember when or where I first heard this but has stood true every single time
  14. eagleye101

    [Philosophical question] If money wasn't an issue, what would you do to improve your everyday life?

    Hey @UnrealCreative thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. A couple of questions: Do you use a business coach? I have worked as a coach but I haven't used one. Maybe I should and I am thinking about it seriously. To answer my own question "what is stopping me?" is that I'm a bit...

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