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  1. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    I am a little less than two hours north of NYC. The Hudson Valley region of New York used to be a booming place, so it's in this awkward stage of declining population/employment, yet property prices are still much higher than other areas that are booming. I want to secure a 10-12 unit as my...
  2. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    I work as a commercial agent for a well known brokerage and we've definitely had some difficulty moving multi-family properties. I'm not trying to discourage you, in fact depending on where you are from (I'm in the Northeast) it may be a completely different picture. I'm just saying if you...
  3. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Creating a Real Estate Syndicate with Little to No Experience

    I wanted to create a thread where Fastlaners could share their experiences (successes/failures) with creating a real estate syndicate. Since this topic is not written about extensively, I also think it would be wise if we could share the different sources of information we collect regarding...
  4. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    Z, Thank you for the input. But as a non-insider, I'm sure there are other non insiders who would love to learn about how syndicates are created. And since this is the REI forum I will create a thread were we can discuss this.
  5. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    Z, Awesome post. Thank you for that. I've just begun as a commercial real estate agent but I am literally starting with >$3k in the bank. My expenses are low and since I work for a well known firm I think I will do well here. My goal is to be investing in a 50+ unit by the time I am 26/27...
  6. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    That deal sounds very interesting. Do keep us updated! I recommend reading Steve Berge's book "The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings." I am not a successful investor by far, but guys on the forum who've done very well live by it. I think you may find that you can flip a...
  7. djs13

    REAL ESTATE New Apartments Investor

    I am thinking about going this route as well. I am a big fan of Steve Berges' theory on "value-play." Instead of buy and hold, investing/improving the property and then flipping for a larger one after 12-months. I think SteveO began using a syndicate, but because I am young I'm afraid I won't...
  8. djs13

    NOTABLE! AMA: Rehabbing & Flipping - Ask Me Anything

    Definitely buy J's book. He devotes an entire chapter on this question itself. Conventional loan is going to feature lenders digging deep on your income/debt, whereas hard money will not but will significantly hurt your profit margin. I'm sure JScott will answer this question much more...
  9. djs13

    Hey JScott, I really appreciate your reply to my comment in your AMA. I currently live in...

    Hey JScott, I really appreciate your reply to my comment in your AMA. I currently live in Poughkeepsie, NY and I drive to Utica about once every two weeks to visit my girlfriend. While you are here I would love to buy you lunch and possibly pick your brain for 30 minutes if we are in the same...
  10. djs13

    NOTABLE! AMA: Rehabbing & Flipping - Ask Me Anything

    JScott, Thank you for the AMA and thank you for the amazing book. 1.) My plan is to utilize your flipping techniques in the short-term and then begin acquiring large apartment complexes (similar to SteveO), possibly through a syndicate in order to achieve a strong passive income. Do you...
  11. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Hard Money Lenders?

    I will absolutely reach out if I run into trouble, but your writing style is extremely clear and concise. I haven't been confused yet. It sounds like your plans are on a larger scale and more passive and that is very interesting. Since I'm in my early 20's I've got a long way to go. However, I...
  12. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Hard Money Lenders?

    JScott, I'm reading your book and I absolutely love it. I'm going to be doing my first flip this winter. I don't want to be overly nosy, but I'd love to know how you plan on expanding in addition to your flipping business? My ultimate goal is to purchase medium-large apartment complexes...
  13. djs13


    I wanted to bring this thread up for additional discussion. I read the E-Myth a few years ago but I've thought about it again recently. I met an entrepreneur who brought three Moe's (a fast-growing Mexican-Food chain) to upstate New York. He is absolutely killing it, every time I am at his...
  14. djs13

    REAL ESTATE What jobs can I leverage for my future business in real estate?

    I'm looking to get a job in real estate in order to springboard myself to becoming a full-time investor within the next 2-3 years. I have a college degree and a small amount of savings. My plan is to begin building capital by working a 9-5 plus flipping single family homes in my spare time. I...
  15. djs13

    I am completely lost

    You're right. I messed up big time but I'm trying to make up for it. I talked to my landlord and he was pretty cool about things. He said I need to pay October (which I expected) but that he's keeping my $2k security deposit as well. I understand that this is still a pretty good deal, but my...

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