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  1. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Tickets Now On Sale! (SOLD OUT!)

    Anybody with an extra bed at the Talking Stick or nearby hotel/AirBnb looking for a room mate? Shoot me a PM!
  2. Dinho7

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2020?

    My theme this year is Double, Diversify and Do Good. I will double the revenue of my business from $1m to $2m while also increasing net profit margin from 10 % to 15 %. I will add at least five more brands to my product mix to depend less on our two top brands that we are reselling. I will...
  3. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Tickets Now On Sale! (SOLD OUT!)

    Just booked my flight ticket to go from FLL to PHX Thursday night. Super stoked to attend for the first time since 2016! Seems like there is a private forum for attendees only, but it says access restricted? Summit Attendees Only For Fastlane Summit Attendees
  4. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Tickets Now On Sale! (SOLD OUT!)

    Had issues with Paypal (never loaded), but was able to with with no issues using my credit card. Excited to attend for the second time!
  5. Dinho7

    How do you feel about 2017?

    An extremely eventful year for me... Doubt I will have so many big events happen in one year ever again. January: My only brother gets married and I am his best man February: My dad has a successful liver cancer operation. The tumor is fully removed! Early May: My brother gives birth to his...
  6. Dinho7


    Fantastic book! I have read about 100 business books over the past 3 years and Unscripted is by far the best of them all (including TMF). How is it humanly possible to squeeze so many nuggets inside a 400 page publication? More importantly, why is nobody else talking about the same topics...
  7. Dinho7

    HOT TOPIC Reminder 9-5'ers; we are NOT safe!

    Good post, OP! It is not a shame to hold a job, but it is a shame to believe that a 9 to 5 is a secure path to security and financial freedom. I wasted my time in a Reddit forum this morning trying to fight off a mass of slowlane thinkers while give a young student advice on not follow a...
  8. Dinho7

    Looking for some great audiobooks

    Here is my Audible library with books in no particular order. Especially the lower right quadrant is killer.
  9. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    I used to sweat my a$$ off carrying x amount of 16x16x15 ranging from 20 to 40 lb in the Florida heat. After the outsourcing presentations at the Summit, I had a realization that I could not do it anymore. It was time to let go of this task and many other parts of the business to be able to...
  10. Dinho7

    HOT TOPIC Why should one join the Fastlane Insiders?

    Just signed up! Embarrased to say that it's been somewhere on my to-do list for over a year. The Summit was a definite wake-up call.
  11. Dinho7

    NOTABLE! Successful Slowlaner Rebukes Fastlane (My Response...)

    This is one of the worst articles I've ever read, which reminds me why I unsubscribed to Business Insider a year ago. I am more surprised it was posted on NYT and Yahoo? What are the requirements these days? Let alone his cheap shot at MJ's book without backing up anything, the article is...
  12. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    Simply a fantastic experience. Now I really understand what people meant when they said they could not afford not to attend! The importance of taking action post-conference has already been mentioned here. I would also recommend everybody to set aside an hour or two to go over notes and reflect...
  13. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    I'd also like to purchase two books. Thanks!
  14. Dinho7

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    Only three days left to the event I have looked forward to for a year and a half. I feel blessed to be able to listen to all the speakers and to network with entrepreneurs with the fastlane mindset. Here is my intro from two years ago. I was not a proud man when I told myself that I could not...
  15. Dinho7

    NOTABLE! Sell on Amazon? Find Out if You're Missing out on Instant $$$

    It is definitely in seller's best interest to have a close eye on Amazon. After selling there for about a year, I have noticed all kinds of weird things happening. Double refunds. I have had two customers getting TWO TIMES THE PRICE in refund of an item I sold. All deducted from MY balance, of...

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