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  1. devidel

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    The resistance was broken, and crossed Bitcoin crossed USD 50,000. Next target is USD 60,000 mark. Altcoins may have short term bearish trend, invest with caution.
  2. devidel

    Get Your Blog Approved by Google News

    Google News is primarily for news blogs/site, and it wants to collect and deliver Breaking News to its audience. Articles go up and down in the rankings pretty quickly and a popular story today is yesterday's news tomorrow. That makes ups and downs in the amount of traffic a publisher gets from...
  3. devidel

    How To Sell Yourself on Fastlane

    There is no option to start a new thread in the Marketplace section. Should I pay the fee for the ad?
  4. devidel

    Well... I'm officially a Millionaire

    It seems it's an old thread and user left the community. Still, This is an amazing and inspiring story.
  5. devidel

    Get Your Blog Approved by Google News

    I’m offering a digital service where we will help your blog/news site get verified, approved on Google News, the most significant news content Aggregating platform to get natural and organic traffic. Google News can be a natural game-changer source that will bring both your blog and site...
  6. devidel

    Connect me On LinkedIn

    Connect me On LinkedIn
  7. devidel

    Promo without paid ads

    These are the methods you can promote your business to acquire new leads: 1. Newsletter Promotions:- Mailchimp - Free. - Create a List and Send Simple Newsletters 2. Be Active on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok - Use Hashtags, Use Canva [Free] to Create Graphics...
  8. devidel

    Free Copywriting Services

    Jericka, Can you write articles in press release format?
  9. devidel

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Bitcoin is still growing strong and I hope, it will break the $45K resistance and then it may cross $50K
  10. devidel


    Hello Everyone. I'm an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketeer, run a Digital PR Agency, which I built from ZERO to $100K Sales in a year. During the process, I found I'm learning and improving myself. I'm keen to know fellow members and learn about their entrepreneurial journey and learn more about...

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