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  1. Dave Daily

    EXECUTION Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    Thanks, I'll have a look.
  2. Dave Daily

    NOTABLE! Developing Relationships With Top Players - Master Thread

    Great topic @MTF +Rep It's really funny that you bring this up. It must be the hundredth monkey effect or something because I've been posting about this on other groups quite a bit. Like you, I tend to be to myself more than hanging out with lots of people, but that does have its consequences...
  3. Dave Daily

    EXECUTION Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    Thanks @Carol Jones, It's been a while. Nice to hear from you again. I don't think the table business was a dead end. Frankly, after my son couldn't be bothered, I just lost interest. It is very true that I didn't quite feel right about it, but that is an excuse that a lot of people make when...
  4. Dave Daily

    EXECUTION Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    That's a great question: What is the fastest, easiest way to validate a market? I think that's a million dollar question. Probably more. As far as making it simpler, I've decided to limit myself to opportunities which are portable. I don't want to manufacture anything unless I'm sending digital...
  5. Dave Daily

    EXECUTION Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    It seems longer than 3.5 months but I'm calling it quits on Together Tables. I have mixed emotions including guilt, shame, sadness, fear, relief, hope, and many others. I don't think I gave it a fair shot to be honest. To be real honest, I just didn't make it through the desert of desertion...
  6. Dave Daily

    EXECUTION Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Execution starts today.

    Yep. As soon as I can afford it, I'll buy one of those SawStop table saws.
  7. Dave Daily

    INTRO On track to retire by age 27! Rachel from KY

    Youngin’ at heart here. Nice intro. I’m officially jealous. :) Welcome to the forum.
  8. Dave Daily

    How Do you deal with people?

    Hey @Richard Greene, Welcome to the board. I'm quite new here as well and just across the starting line in my fastlane—and let me tell ya, it doesn't seem so fast at the moment. lol. Currently I'm just using kiln dried douglas fir for my table builds, but since I'm still figuring out how to do...
  9. Dave Daily

    GOLD! Today is my 1 year TMF anniversary

    Could it be built economically enough to buy and hold for passive cash flow? I just don't know what the cost of new construction is these days, and then you have the land, etc. What about building in a place (different state? country?) where land and materials are cheap/er and then paying a...
  10. Dave Daily

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - I Deleted My Upwork Account...

    I've now read 2 of your threads @SinisterLex and all I have to say is "Damn YOU!" ;) I'm trying to focus on my fastlane biz, but your copy is so good here at TFLF that I'm having a hard time resisting your spell. You paint such beautiful and tasty word pictures. As I read, I keep telling...
  11. Dave Daily

    GOLD! Today is my 1 year TMF anniversary

    Looking forward to the July 18, 2018 update. Have you thought about building spec apartments? I've had a dream to build a 24 unit apartment building using all Elon Musk tech. XD Might work. ;)
  12. Dave Daily

    GOLD! Crawling thru a sewer pipe filled with sh*t: Why it matters.

    Shawshank Redemption is my second fav movie of all time behind The Matrix. Andy Dufresne, the protagonist of the film had to slowly chip through 10 feet of stone over a period of years before getting access to his shitty escape tube. "Salvation lies within." ;) I'm too new to my lane to even...
  13. Dave Daily

    HOT TOPIC Can Shopify rip me off?

    Hey @Real Deal Denver , Long time no chat. Try a Shopify experiment! Don't start with your best product, just pick a lesser one and see what happens. I'm interested to see the results. I'm looking to setup a product biz in conjunction with Together Tables, so I'd be really interested to see...
  14. Dave Daily

    INTRO rareform official Intro. Desire to reach the next level

    Welcome to the forum. I've been here for a month, but I've enjoyed it so far. I looked at your blog. It's clean. I like your titles for your articles. I'm no expert, but I've read some stuff ;). I think you should replace that city images with a FREE offer which ties into your unique selling...

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