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  1. Dark Knight

    HOT TOPIC Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    I live in Poland - Warsaw. The government reports that inflation is officially 3% and it is really over 7%. The costs of services become very expensive - especially hairdressers, dentists and construction costs. People in Poland are afraid that there may be a repeat of what was here 30 years ago...
  2. Dark Knight

    How not to get ripped off going to college...

    I study Business Law for 3 months. I am happy for now. Lectures are conducted by experienced experts, entrepreneurs. In Poland, business law is one of the most difficult in Europe.
  3. Dark Knight

    OFF-TOPIC "Unscripted" book in Poland.

    Yes "Złote myśli" publisher
  4. Dark Knight

    OFF-TOPIC "Unscripted" book in Poland.

    today I bought the Polish version Unscripted. Thanks @MJ DeMarco
  5. Dark Knight

    OFF-TOPIC Must See Movies, Recommendations? Prisoners
  6. Dark Knight

    HOT TOPIC How much are/were you making at your slowlane job?

    23 years old 24 PLN / hr = 6 USD / hr I work in Poland and this is a little more than the average salary in Poland .. Earnings are 4 times less than in the US for the same work. I work in an insurance company.
  7. Dark Knight

    MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    I would be interested, Cracow and Warsaw :)
  8. Dark Knight

    Write down your goals... Quick life tip with story...

    I can add these books from myself:
  9. Dark Knight

    GOLD! SUCCESS STORY - Cantwait2

    wow :smile: .. Probably the best story I've read in this forum.:)
  10. Dark Knight

    apps, a Fastlane business?

    GOLD! - Is This Idea/Business/Blah Blah Fastlane? (Uh, no, it isn't.)
  11. Dark Knight

    How to escape the 9 to 5 and build a company?

    NOTABLE! - Finding motivation when you have a 9-5
  12. Dark Knight

    BOOK REVIEW How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

    Another book that shows how important it is to take wise risk in life.
  13. Dark Knight

    Work: Late Night vs. Early Morning

    Thanks for the answers!
  14. Dark Knight

    Work: Late Night vs. Early Morning

    I would like to know your opinion when you are more productive and creative at work? When do you work at night or early in the morning? I am 23 years old and so far I'm working poorly on ideas and working on my own business in the morning. I feel zero concentration in the morning. However, it...
  15. Dark Knight

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    Felix Dennis - How To Get Rich Scott Adams - How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
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