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  1. Dami-B

    AMA - I built a software company worth 8 figures

    Congrats @Ravens_Shadow , I have no doubt you'll accomplish your goal and hit the 1 billion mark. Thanks for giving back and providing an opportunity to answer questions. 1. What's the best way you've been able to handle customer churn in your subscription business? 2. How do you find 15...
  2. Dami-B

    Running a digital marketing agency

    It's a real business and a great skill to have. I've also found it beneficial as a skill to understand the works of any industry I'm interested in, if I want to go into real estate, I just consult for real estate biz and agents and that way I get tremendous information on the industry and how to...
  3. Dami-B

    Entrepreneurship in Africa (Kenya/Nigeria/etc)

    Thank you for this Gem of a post @The-J , I couldn't agree more with what you've said. There's amazing opportunities within the african entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially when you think about inter-African trade(AfCFTA) and the possibilities of coming together as a continent, such...
  4. Dami-B

    How do you generate ideas?

    Lol, you wouldn't believe this but the project names were all in different physical books, so Book A - C had all the project names from the history of the accounting department from A - C, it was a nightmare, I had to type all the names of every project of my department into a word file for the...
  5. Dami-B

    How do you generate ideas?

    You can just imagine, it was a nightmare of a job for her, it was also one of those solutions that just felt so simple and obvious at the time, I always thought about why others who were more academically brilliant didn't spot it. It was also a lesson that I didn't have to be the best student...
  6. Dami-B

    How do you generate ideas?

    I remember when I was in the university in my final year and I had to submit 3 prospective names for my final project title, everyone in my department had to do that and there was this ridiculous line of about 200 students all trying to submit 3 names to a lady who had to verify if those names...
  7. Dami-B

    Fastlane Opportunities for Writers

    IDEA HOT! 
    I think it boils down to creativity and your ability to leverage your skillset into something bigger. For example, my skillset is Digital marketing, but I've been able to leverage that skill into real estate brokerage, which has higher returns on my time and investment than agency, building a...
  8. Dami-B

    Elements of Value - A great resource if you would like to build a pruductocracy

    I just came across this amazing gem of an article while reading the HBR and couldn't help but share it. This really brings to light the different value skews you can add to your business when building your products/services and also considering the MVPs...
  9. Dami-B

    Did It On Facebook. About To Do It On Youtube..

    Keep going man, and following this thread Great job. Are you based in Lagos though? If you are, we can grab a drink sometime. Dami.
  10. Dami-B

    My Odyssey - Finding Meaning And Achieving Financial Freedom

    Your journey put a huge smile on my face, I'm glad you're doing great
  11. Dami-B

    I sold my house, all my possessions, left the state, and started a business.

    I literally jumped up out of my chair when I read this, this is exactly what I want and it is such an amazing vision that you have so eloquently put down here. Thanks for taking the time to write this and I'll be looking forward to more updates. No ceilings...
  12. Dami-B

    What wins did you have last week? What would make this week a win?

    Last week: Got my app list to 9 apps and in loving it Got my first client for this nice app building business, and another who prepaid. Close friend of mine is back on her feet after few weeks in the hospital Signed up a new client for my DM business. Made my girl smile today. *Wins for...
  13. Dami-B

    What wins did you have last week? What would make this week a win?

    Awesome accountability thread @Andy Black Last week: I created a Glide Portfolio of all my projects and Resume, that would serve as my landing page and where I'm going to be redirecting everyone that needs my consulting services. I've shared this with a few friends and family and I'm looking...
  14. Dami-B

    If there was one problem...

    Oh maan! that's amazingly scary. So a price simplification solution that can solve your logistics nightmare at a cheaper price but also more efficiently. Thanks @sparechange for your contribution.

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