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  1. DaanM

    BOOK What are your top 3 entrepreneurship books?

    1. TMF 2. The ultimate sales machine - Chet Holmes 3. How will you measure your life - clayton christensen
  2. DaanM

    INTRO Daan / Located in Belgium / Tech startups

    Hi, no problem. I think I understand your question. From the tech geeks, I expect that they are building a must-have technology and that they understand the market where the new technology fits. But going from technology to business requires a bit more than tech alone (product road mapping...
  3. DaanM

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read TMF twice. Now almost finished reading Unscripted.
  4. DaanM

    INTRO Daan / Located in Belgium / Tech startups

    Hi guys, As requested, a quick introduction about myself. So I'm from Belgium, Trumps favourite country :). Belgium is pretty wet & windy but today it's Californian weather. Anyway, professionally I've been pretty busy with building tech startups. I was a co-founder of which I...
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