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    $70,490.35 In January

    I got interested in real estate about a year ago. I've been watching your channel for a few months. I found it while watching Kevin. I like the way you present information in a way that makes me feel like I could do something similar. I know you have investors that fund a lot of your projects. I...
  2. Conscripted

    Question about this Upwork review

    Thanks for the response. when I read the article my first thought was that the author was focusing on himself and not the problem being presented. What type of success have you had freelancing on Upwork or elsewhere? I tried to look at your action thread but I'm not an insider.
  3. Conscripted

    Question about this Upwork review

    I just finished reading THIS article on upwork. Does this article match your experiences? I'm currently working my way through the freelancing and copywriting courses by @lex DeVillex Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  4. Conscripted

    Your 2020 Vision: Most liked plan wins a sponsored Insider's sub!

    It's interesting to me the way you have designed your project vs the way I would have. To me the project would have been the LEDs and the electronics and the base and stand would have almost been an afterthought. It seems as if it's the other way around for you. How are you going to covert...
  5. Conscripted

    Your 2020 Vision: Most liked plan wins a sponsored Insider's sub!

    That looks like a nice lamp. Can you select between the different LEDs? Did I miss the on/off select switch? I didn't see it. Did you design the electronics yourself or are you using an off the shelf solution? Great job so far. Keep at it! P.s. Do you have an execution thread I can follow?
  6. Conscripted

    EXECUTION Building a Video Ad Service

    Keep up the moment you've got! I'm watching this post with interest.
  7. Conscripted

    Small Scale Manufacturing Machines

    There are hand held 3d scanners. Unfortunately they are really expensive. How big or intricate is the piece you want to reproduce? I've had to "recreate" dozens of items. It just takes a little time and careful measurements. The CAD skills required to make the drawing can probably be learned...
  8. Conscripted

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    I could see this working. A lawyer on demand video conference app. Have a few lawyers on payroll that each specialize in a different area of law. A customer could pay a nominal fee to have a rental agreement reviewed or a contract evaluated.
  9. Conscripted

    Never been good with ever!

    I think the first step is to stop living above your means. It was a little unclear from your post whether you had already done that. It isn't necessary to pay off all your debt before you start a business. Many people work their business in the evening and start with minimal money. That...
  10. Conscripted

    Challenge: One Month To Make £5000 Or You Lose Everything - What Would You Do?

    I'm a numbers guy. 5k is around 167 per day for 30 days. If I truly had nothing to start with I'd probably pan handle the first day to get enough money for supplies. After hustle up some work. I'd try manual labor piecemeal. Cleaning car windows, houses whatever was required to reach 167 each...
  11. Conscripted

    RANT Start up Money for beginners like me

    There are as many answers to this question as there are people. Spend some time reading the threads here on bootstrapping and hustling. There are several good discussions on the topic.
  12. Conscripted

    EXECUTION An Excel Course?

    The course title could be "Excel to get sh*t done" or maybe "Excel for productivity" let them know what to expect. The video was very good. Direct without wasting time. I would love to see you build a dashboard. I'm also interested in learning more about data scraping that someone mentioned...
  13. Conscripted

    EXECUTION Starting A Cleaning Company

    Great posts so far. I'm interested to see how you develop the business.
  14. Conscripted

    EXECUTION Freelance Adwords

    I'm following along too. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  15. Conscripted

    Are business/self-help books a waste of time?

    I thought you already did this. I've seen it. It was titled "The millionaire fastlane "

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