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  1. Chimp

    How to become well rounded in building an online presence?

    I've started building websites with the purpose of helping other businesses acquire more customers a month/more monthly revenue but am not sure how to achieve that exactly outside of the website itself. How do I become well rounded in the tasks that building an online business presence requires...
  2. Chimp

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    How do I help business owners acquire more customers besides making a site which looks good, fast, some CTA's etc... Like how do I pull in more people? Thanks
  3. Chimp

    REAL ESTATE Rate This Deal (1) - 8 Unit Apartment Complex

    I doubt you can even afford this home because if you could you wouldn't be asking here and if thats so you're just dreaming which is a waste of time. If anything at least put all your "rate this deal" posts in one thread instead of spamming the forum.
  4. Chimp

    FORUM NEWS Anonymous Donor Comes Forward, Gives Insider Sub

    I'm laughing my a$$ off right now, what a funny scenario
  5. Chimp

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    How do you find this information? Can you please explain? how do you know web analytics of a website if it is not your own? SEMrush - service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain
  6. Chimp

    FORUM NEWS New Forum! New Book! (Coming Jan 10th, 2pm)

    Shouldn't the favicon be yellow?
  7. Chimp

    EXECUTION Collecting 762k in X Months?

    Happy for you. You should really add a profile pic. You look like another faceless member who drops by once and runs off! edit: perfect
  8. Chimp

    EXECUTION First 12 months of e-commerce report

    That's what I'm talking about. Good job man. What'd you use for these charts? Look nice
  9. Chimp

    Why is fastlane information so hard to come by??

    It is quite mind boggling huh. Literally nothing I've seen or read comes close to TMF. It truly is an amazing book
  10. Chimp

    GOLD! Because I Can

    laughing my a$$ off.
  11. Chimp

    Both Feet First

    How exactly are you making money providing this for free?
  12. Chimp

    O/T: FUNNY Merry Christmas Fastlane

    Merry Christmas to everyone here, hope it's a good one! The present I'm most excited about is this: Some lunch containers to better control calorie intake to gain some weight! It'll be much easier to gain when I can math each serving for every meal for the entire week...
  13. Chimp

    WEB/DIGITAL Does it matter?.com .net .org .biz .co

    I assume worse quality products with .biz etc. Change the domain every so slightly some how to get the .com. It might be hard to find something functional but you'll be glad in the end you got .com and .xyzshitstain
  14. Chimp

    HOT TOPIC Has anyone on this forum become a millionaire from reading TMF?

    This is what I love about business. No matter how hard you fail there is something very important to learn each time you mess up. If you spent your entire business career selling bags of dog shit you have the skills of a salesman. Even when you're dog shit business fails you learn from your...
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