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  1. Chazmania

    INTRO From Zero to Six-Figure Author: Lessons Along the Way

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for sharing your story and advice. Great intro!
  2. Chazmania

    MARKETPLACE Biophase; New Coaching Calls, Product Sourcing, Help A Rescue

    Hey Bio thanks for doing the call(s), it's a great thing you're doing for the dogs. Every bit of time/money helps the cause and you're obviously creating a big impact. Good things Man! I also really enjoyed chatting about ecommerce and learned things that are sure to be helpful. Much...
  3. Chazmania

    Success Story: Product Development with No Experience

    Congrats on your success, looking fwd to updates.
  4. Chazmania

    HOT! In my 40s and stuck

    @dbseeker We're close in age and what you're saying is totally understandable. I think what you need to do is get on a path that builds momentum. I agree with a lot of the advice already given about internal game regarding success with women and in general because it is all very similar...
  5. Chazmania

    GOLD! MINDSET Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me!

    If ever there was a 'step-by-step' guide to success this thread is it. Total macro view of the process (landmarks). The micro part (details)is up to the individual and whatever path they are on. Grade for @MustImprove : A++ Rep transfer!
  6. Chazmania

    GOLD! Selling my Ecommerce Business

    Congrats @amp0193!! I need to go back through and read all the details etc but I see you closed the deal and I'm thrilled for you. You're an inspiration on here thanks for sharing your journey - great work man! Can't wait to see what you do next!
  7. Chazmania

    INVESTING HOT! Investing in the ONE sure thing.

    I've learned so much from that thread, thanks for creating it. I just put on another strangle today after closing out a winner. Time decay is absolutely where it's at.
  8. Chazmania

    RANT OMFG This Hurt

    Yeah I do totally agree that the story is kind of sad in a way. Especially to members of an entrepreneur forum like this. Reminds me: I worked as an appliance repair tech with Sears years ago and my first day on the job at the morning meeting they were recognizing someone for 35 years of...
  9. Chazmania

    HOT! REAL ESTATE Hold or Sell?? 100k profit on Duplex

    I'm in a very similar situation with a rental myself and itching to launch it. I also think you should sell. If you're already up and running with ecommerce you should be able to take a slice of that profit and grow it quickly, assuming you're in position to scale etc. Look at how...
  10. Chazmania

    NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

    This whole thread..... Wow. Just wow. Painful to see but it is funny as hell, at your expense though. Let me put it this way: if you're smart you'll realize you're an idiot.
  11. Chazmania

    HOT! Ask me (***ALMOST***) A N Y T H I N G about E V E R T H I N G (Mastermind for Success)

    Hey thanks for the cool thread. I saw a documentary on savants once and it showcased some amazing abilities. One young kid could reproduce any song by Louis Armstrong on the piano perfectly note for note without ever having learned to play the instrument. And he would sing the lyrics too. If...
  12. Chazmania

    GOLD! Selling my Ecommerce Business

    Good luck man, hope it all goes smoothly. Sounds like you're prepped for success.
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