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  1. BradD

    Are you a “deadbeat”?

    In my last business (textbooks), used to buy all inventory from Amazon on a CC, then use a points broker to re-sell the points. These buyers will typically take over your account to buy flights for their clients on your account. I believe I was getting ~1.5 cents/pt usd (being Cdn the USD was...
  2. BradD

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    That's an easy one- Toronto all the way, since they're Canadian they'll spend time apologizing before shooting so you'll have time to leave before they get a shot off
  3. BradD

    Training Manual / Procedures

    Came across this one on a podcast recently, haven't used it yet but sounds right up your alley:
  4. BradD

    MEETUPS Pre or Post Summit Activities

    I hope you boys are warming up the BJ tables!! :praise:
  5. BradD

    MEETUPS Pre or Post Summit Activities

    Not soon enough! I'll touch down late tomorrow night, got the 'ol ball n' chain with me, so plan is to escape Thursday night for some manly activities!
  6. BradD

    MEETUPS Pre or Post Summit Activities

    Us Ottawa people are nuts.. But we do hold the title for coldest capital city on earth- waiting for someone to remind me why I stay here lol Ottawa is the coldest capital city on earth
  7. BradD

    OFF-TOPIC Enchroma Glasses - A True Productocracy

    Lol I thought I was the only one- my girlfriend always makes fun of how much of a baby I am with any videos involving a rescue puppy and I guess I’ll add vision correction to that list..
  8. BradD

    O/T: FUNNY BADLY Describe Your Profession...

    I had lunch w/ @JAJT over the weekend.. if you think he's bad here, the guy's a monster in person- I apologized to the poor waitress 6x However, I found him to be quite handsome- like a modern day Paul Newman
  9. BradD

    BOOK Secrets of the millionaire mind

    I hate it when my Shift key breaks and I’m stuck with caps lock only :clench:
  10. BradD

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit, Ticket Announcement! (Confirmed Attendees)

    I hope that’s $700 return at least lol Flights were brutal out of Ottawa man, I personally used Aeroplan pts and am flying down Wed, seemed a bit cheaper mid-week
  11. BradD

    NOTABLE! Free Accounting Software: If you need software, use these guys

    +1 for Xero- I use one of those online chartered accounting services (bookkeeping & filing), and we've been using Xero for the past 3-4 years. Really powerful, licenses are cheap (and covered in the CA firm monthly sub) Also shoutout to Freshbooks for being a Canadian startup (no feedback on...
  12. BradD

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Curious for everyone’s take on network fees. Been playing around testing transfers between exchanges and seeing fees as high as 12-13% of the tx amt (apparently it’s dynamic based on network volume).. of course, they list it as “x.xxxx” of the coin in many cases, causing you to have to do some...
  13. BradD

    OFF-TOPIC MJ DeMarco, what is your Carnival cruise story?

    Lol this sounds miserable.. I actually did my first cruise (I'm 33) last month on Royal Caribbean (Allure of the seas) and loved it- it boarded in FT Lauderdale and was supposed to be a Caribbean cruise until the islands got levelled in the hurricanes.. so, ended up w/ Nassau (untouched), and 2...
  14. BradD

    HOT TOPIC What Are The Best Altcoins To Look Out For In Cryptocurrencies?

    Incredible the amount of new coins hitting the market, and sure to increase.. can’t imagine (based on my limited knowledge of the space) that there’s enough room/applications for all of them. I fear many will be going to $0 :clench:
  15. BradD

    GOLD! Web 3.0 (Ethereum) is happening, and most people have no idea what it even is.

    My experience as a Canadian (and take with a large grain of salt as I'm sure I didn't research enough..)- Bought some LTC on Coinbase- after this ridiculous run-up, decided I'd take the ~300% gains in the last week- go to sell and turns out not an option for Canadians. Ok.. Research a...

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