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    Insider Conference Call... May 28th, Thursday 6pm (AZ Time) featuring...

    Thank you both. These sound like great calls. I like the tease of the second call. You have me guessing already and, most importantly, I'm looking forward to the series. I know these take a good amount of time, effort, coordination, and trust to put together. So thank you.
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    INTRO Founder of DNSimple, vendor of duct tape, purveyor of UDP packets.

    Hi, glad to have you here. In the last few years, the cloud has turned out to be an event horizon. Someone made a point of saying that businesses of under 100 people are foolish if they aren't using some sort of central provider for their services like mail via gmail or Microsoft or using...
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    Thanks for this link. This may sound like a rant, but it is not. In a way it's a spoiler for some of what you learn in the program so if you want to learn the lessons solely through experience, skip this post and come back to read it later. Maybe you should just skip it until later. I have...
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    My tip for anyone who finds the water challenging is to get the first bit in right away in the morning. I drink a glass when i get up so I've hydrated before i go do a few miles at 5am, then again immediately after. It's much harder for me if I start drinking later in the AM. Thereafter, i...
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    I'm in. I'm in shit shape right now. It's a great program. Balancing it and starting a biz is a challenge as well.
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    I just finished listening twice to the Audible version of Unscripted to support what I read in the printed book. Great book. I started reading "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.
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    My friend, you are already IN the Fastlane.

    There is an old saying that when the student is ready, the master will appear. Sometimes people are ready to learn. At least in your cousin's case, by reading the material and at least acknowledging the value, it's in his mind. At some point, he may just spontaneously think that it's time for...
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    I actually ran across Millionaire Fastlane years ago, but figured it was just a get rich quick scam book based on the title, and I blew it off. I happened to see an interview with MJ on youtube maybe 2 months ago, then followed up by watching his videos to check things out, and eventually...
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    INTRO Baring all, well, maybe not all

    Hi everyone, I'm a 50 something year old computer consultant. Not currently self-employed, though I've done that in the past. I used to be a pretty well paid self-employed contract programmer years ago. I was a programmer, contract programmer, manager, director, and then ended up doing...

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