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  1. Benedict

    Becoming a Producer

    Thanks for the reply, Kid. I will think about the two options. I am glab to hear, that doubt can be an indicator for change!
  2. Benedict

    Becoming a Producer

    After more than 2 months after my last post, I have to make a confession.... I didn't get where I wanted to be today. The plan was to become good at copywriting and become good at Facebook ads. I'd say: I learned a lot about copywriting and got some insights and learned the basics about...
  3. Benedict

    Landing Page - What we need to know

    Nice list, thanks for sharing it! Combine it closely with what r6203 said. Will give it a try, too.
  4. Benedict

    Hiring a funnel builder

    Thanks! Sounds good. I am currently validating an online course for people wanting to change their current job situation and finding a job that matches their needs, skills and talents. Currently validating it through direct FB ads to the salespage. I have a bad conversion rate with that...
  5. Benedict

    Perhaps I'll start an e-business during this quarantine?

    If it's just for that, get a Pornhub account or buy Animal Crossing... there are plenty of time wasters around. And most of them are designed to make a lot of fun. Honestly. Of what I have learned in the last years, starting a business needs strong reasons. Otherwise you won't make it through...
  6. Benedict

    Gyms are closed... fitness equipment delivery service?

    Unless you offer real premium service, maybe you bring stuff and work out with them, I would look closely to the numbers on how you will make profit. Sounds pretty time consuming to me if you just think about the logistics, driving around the city etc. Maybe you could change the idea, approach...
  7. Benedict

    Hiring a funnel builder

    Let me know about your experience/progress with it. Thinking about hiring someone, too.
  8. Benedict

    Perhaps I'll start an e-business during this quarantine?

    Welcome to the forum. Let me know what the answer to your question is! Why are you waiting?
  9. Benedict

    Gyms are closed... fitness equipment delivery service?

    Did I get that right? Rent weight bars, a bench, maybe a stepper and you deliver it to my home so I can use it for two hours?
  10. Benedict

    Any surfers in here?

    I am surfing my third year now (at least I hope to do it this year...). Unfortunately I don't live near the sea so I go surfing for weeks during the year. For me, that's the perfect sport. I love it so much. I have always been a water person. About the video: Of course, there are always...
  11. Benedict

    From Italy with passion: Am I really going to success?

    I don't know your trading strategies or goals. But if you do it like the usual investor (and as you described in your post above), your time horizon is 20,40,60 years. That is, by definition, slowlane. Training on Business. That's the guy building the machine to let it built the pyramid (read...
  12. Benedict

    Another Corona Idea Thread - Homeoffice Training for employers

    Hey guys, hi @guidaccio05 , so the last few days were pretty work intense: Wrote, fine tuned, formatted and released the Homeoffice guide. In the end I had to make it two pages instead of one. But it looks nice, so far. I might give it to a designer or improve the design later on. For the...
  13. Benedict

    Amazon Prime delivery time is now 29 days!

    Any thoughts on what to do about the situation? Maybe it is time to look at some other resalers or maybe even start sending them your own - at least to customers with high price orders... just let them know you care.
  14. Benedict

    From Italy with passion: Am I really going to success?

    Hi uscrocc, welcome to the Forum! How are you doing down there? Hope you are fine! Looks like a terrible tragedy is going on, at leas in the Lombardian area. Anyways, if you have read Unscripted or The Millionaire Fastlane, just post in the according threads. This will let us know, you are...
  15. Benedict

    Do you exercise in the morning, during the day, or at night?

    Usually wake up between 7 and 8.30am. I go working out (if there's no Corona) in my performance/concentration down times: somewhere between noon and 2pm. That is where I get most out of it + I can use the overflowing physical energy/ need to move and settle during the workout.

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