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  1. Beerbread

    MEETUPS Who is on LinkedIn?

    Say that you're self-employed. That's what I have on mine.
  2. Beerbread

    O/T: HEALTH Dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, figuring things out as I go

    Following this to see what everyone else has to say. I'm in a similar boat as you. I did things and tasks to try to pull out of my depression with mixed success. Things would go great, then I would hit a roadblock and I crumble. I'm working on not having as much of a fragile ego. I only started...
  3. Beerbread

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished reading it! I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, so I breezed through it while I was recovering! I learned a lot and I'm going to apply it! I know there's a lot of books talking about how to tackle procrastination, but the way MJ describes his process on how to handle it made it...
  4. Beerbread

    O/T: HEALTH Does anyone count calorie intake?

    Absolutely I count calories. I lost 13lbs so far because of it (I got another 40lbs to go.) If I want to eat bad things, I try to plan it out by eating light and then eating whatever I want, but even then, I notice that I'm not stuffing my food down like a garbage disposal anymore. I use...
  5. Beerbread

    The Return of Blogs

    I always saw social media as a 5 star hotel, but your blog is home. They're both are meant to compliment each other, but it shouldn't be the end-all. A few years ago, my Instagram got banned from posting topless pride protesters, and I immediately realized that I was building my empire on sand...
  6. Beerbread

    MEETUPS Anyone from italy?

    Comé stai, fam. I'm American as can be, but I got folks in Sicily that I visit!
  7. Beerbread

    Getting my first client (from Tinder)

    Something similar happened to me as well. I met a girl on Tinder who was running a gallery and I had started painting seriously at the time, so I considered it beneficial. I go in, expecting to talk business like I thought we were going to, but the whole night she kept talking about her ex...
  8. Beerbread

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    I had an inkling it was going down that road for a few years now the moment YouTube started attacking channels that had cursing in them and creators started to censor themselves. Most of them still use the platform, but as a compliment now. They all moved to Twitch for their money, but God knows...
  9. Beerbread

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    I think you should start archiving your stuff just in case or move to another host. Your channel is a goldmine. I got approved on Upwork the other day because of them!
  10. Beerbread

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    I feel that we can do business as usual on YouTube, but we should start moving to Daily Motion. You'll be subjected under EU law, but at least you can post and curse whenever you want.

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