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  1. Atu


    Read it. Loved the shortness of the chapters, graphics and the big equation on every page. A big THANK YOU for the effort.
  2. Atu

    Need money for my idea

    Random things to consider: Being an entrepreneur is not about "looking after my idea". It's rather "What is the biggest value I can provide someone using what I have and know NOW?" If you look from this angle - there is never any lack of resources - only lack of ingenuity to give value. What...
  3. Atu

    Cold calling Vs Face to Face?

    Phone contact versus face to face is the wrong question. Instead you should ask yourself the following: What kind of value are you giving to those businessman? Are you sure they absolutely need your service? Is there any other place they can get same kind of service? How do you communicate the...
  4. Atu

    HOT TOPIC Cyrptocurrency news: Facebook launches Libra

    Gentlemen, there is one thing for sure: if this cryptocurrency actually starts we will be able to sit down, watch and enjoy the biggest marketing campaign in the history of Facebook. Case studies on that campaign will be written for years. Dear Sir, I would be really careful here: Everyone on...
  5. Atu

    HOT TOPIC Cyrptocurrency news: Facebook launches Libra

    To begin: "team of experts in risk management focused on preventing people from using Calibra for fraudulent purposes" Who decides what is fraudulent? And who decides what it takes to be an expert? What is the prevention mechanism? How the above connects with: "And it's secured by...
  6. Atu

    INTRO Hello from Europe!

    Huge welcome to a fellow mechanical engineer :) Can you reveal your country/city? I have been in a "juicy" corporate career. Nice way of learning about organizations. Do not stay for too long. If you are to pursue entrepreneurship, please prepare, both mentally and financially, to enjoy lots...
  7. Atu

    Is it ever possible to work 9-5 as an entrepreneur?

    Try thinking where your work goes. Are you working on your business, or maybe you are working in your business? It all depends on your ability to build a self-regulating system. You have to observe your business, acknowledge when and where your interventions go, after that apply wise...
  8. Atu

    HOT TOPIC The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    Develop a chopper lift that's immune to shown effect: Than market it and cash $$$$
  9. Atu

    EXECUTION Figuring out Facebook

    Some excerpts from the last Facebook training I took: Always write down "Facebook" name with a capital letter at the begining. If you do otherwise they can sometimes even block your accounts. Be really careful about the order of steps you take. If you want to have cheaper Facebook ads it's...
  10. Atu

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Year of buying: 2008 Cost of buying: equivalent of 20$ Gave me the means of keeping my business afloat for over 4 years. Still working. Battery lasts up to a week. I know the keys by heart, without thinking about them. Generations of fancy, needless-options-loaded phones passed by. I remember my...
  11. Atu

    GOLD! Think Big, and Then Think Bigger Than That.

    If you are saying that you have no hard proof of leadership, go get it. You can always sign up to a charitable organization and tell them that you want to take responsibility for making X. After a few months of actually delivering you can say: I want to organize Y (meeting, conference, etc...)...
  12. Atu

    Question About Pricing

    Hm... I was once working for a boiler/radiator/general heating company. There I heard a story about a salesman who got himself a hefty bonus for selling a handful of boilers that nobody wanted. He did that by significantly raising the price (of curse he also must have been excellent at direct...
  13. Atu

    A message my dad sent me (Process vs. Event)

    ‘We live in a decaying age. Young people no longer respect their parents. They are rude and impatient. They frequently inhabit taverns and have no self-control.’ The above is an inscryption from ancient egyptian tomb. Trancribed in 1913 by Prof. George T.W. Patrick of University of Iowa. We...
  14. Atu

    McDonalds: behind the arches by John F. Love

    I have just read „McDonalds: behind the arches” by John F. Love. The story will absolutely overtake your mind. It’s an adventure book that shows you the perspective of a person who builds a multi-million dollar empire. Loads of details about necessary mindset, ways to manage customer...
  15. Atu

    Would appreciate advice on a business opportunity...

    Is it possible for you to do a calculation? If you already know security business you can say how much you can learn. What will be the value of your time when you shift to garage flooring (even when only managing an unperfect employee)? A: Everything is sitting in emotions of your potencial...

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