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  1. AT112233

    Education for middle & high school

    Hi brilliant people, Given the sad state of middle and high schoolers in math (in NYC at least), I want to understand the students' needs and develop solutions (software & tutoring) to improve their performance. I'm looking for mentors and collaborators in this area. I'm in NYC and working to...
  2. AT112233

    4 Questions on exporting from India to Japan

    Hi all, We are looking for your thoughts on goods that can be exported from India to Japan. My wife and I are US citizens living in US, I was born in India, wife in Japan. We want to best use this combo for doing business! QUESTION 1 Given our lifestyle, we want to sell...
  3. AT112233

    Ideas to Monetize My Wife's Drawing Skills

    Not a biz idea, but a time saver for artists - buy a projector. After I got one, all my proportions were intact and saved hours!
  4. AT112233

    Sourcing from India

    how did you do on selling the cream?
  5. AT112233

    EXECUTION [Progress Thread] Million+ Revenue by 25

    What is the link to Shark's archive please? I'm new to this forum and going thru 458's thread this xmas morning.
  6. AT112233

    Creating a teaching portal

    Hi guys, I've created a math course: 10 vid lectures, each 5 minutes long & tons of practice problems (in pdf format). Let's call it "Course 1". I will be creating Course 2 & Course 3 in next few months. Courses 1-3 are taught in high school math class as a year-long "Calculus" course. I am...
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