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  1. Anandb

    EXECUTION Rejoined the forum after months...began my process

    In the past - god I don't even know how long I've been absent - several months, a lot has changed. I was observing several entrepreneurial journeys on the forum, but for some reason or another, I pretended my own hands were tied. Received a research internship this summer (unpaid) right...
  2. Anandb

    HOT TOPIC How do I stay motivated at university?

    My advice - as a university student - is to make the most of this opportunity. Learn as if you are possessed. Socialise. Join research teams. Pitch business ideas in competitions. Network with professors. Start a side-hustle whilst being in university. Grow it. If you really are motivated by...
  3. Anandb

    HOT TOPIC What would Earth be like if everyone were millionaires? (NOT VIA INFLATION)

    Let's use the word "rich" instead of "millionare" because it'll distract people less from what you're essentially trying to say. If everyone were "rich", or super-rich, humanity would be on the fast-track to Godhood (I mean immortality, superstrength, and hyper-intelligence, transhumanism, and...
  4. Anandb

    Hot Sellers or Think Outside the Square

    Guanxi is immensely powerful and respected out here in the Chinese world. And quite a contrast from "contracts are made to be broken" (a line by Michael Keaton from "The Founder") which is quite a popularly echoed sentiment elsewhere.
  5. Anandb

    Research: Valedictorians rarely become rich — the average millionaire's college GPA was 2.9

    Considering I was first in high school, a full scholarship college student, and I do (and will continue to, because I love the knowledge) take my college seriously, I definitely feel aware of how these shortcomings emerge. Getting good grades in a classroom is a game. Once you understand how...
  6. Anandb

    INTRO How did you come across The Millionaire Fastlane?

    One of my friends (he's been on this forum for quite a while but I don't know his name here) recommended it to me. It was a simple: "look. You want to learn how to make actual money? The kind that'll set you free? Read it. Get past the marketing obvious in the title and the cover (which you'll...
  7. Anandb

    If you're in ecommerce (Shopify, etc.), can I get your feedback on a marketing idea?

    Love the idea! I've definitely saved it in my bank of useful CTAs.
  8. Anandb

    Slowlane/Sidewalk songs?

    Most classic rock "live for today" songs are sidewalk songs haha. Most pop songs are either sidewalk or slowlane. Most "hustle"-oriented hip-hop songs are Fastlane with "cool" criminal overtones (e.g., "Hypnotise" by B.I.G.; almost everything by 50 Cent, etc.)
  9. Anandb

    EXECUTION I Took 6-Months off the Forums. Here's What I Accomplished

    Great job man. Looks like you're on the path. Couldn't be happier reading something like this.
  10. Anandb

    BOOK FU Money by Dan Lok, must be MJ's twin brother

    I'm not shit-talking him. His marketing is super effective and it works (as others have pointed out). He does replay some elements that we have already seen though and I just gave examples of that so that's just a fact worth mentioning. It's not a knock on the guy. I wouldn't even knock on Tai...
  11. Anandb

    BOOK FU Money by Dan Lok, must be MJ's twin brother

    I did look him up a bit when he came up on my YT feed. He's a regurgitator and probably a very good marketer for the financial guru circuit. (considering his extensive and monetizable following). He also borrows whatever catchphrases he gets from wherever he can and whatever works. For...
  12. Anandb

    Thoughts on "Crushing It" - Gary Vaynerchuk (2018)?

    Yeah thanks, I'm doing that with academia (social sciences) and with music for now. Learning all I can and getting some quality field exposure. But I was wondering if he does give any specific insider tactical advice when it comes to using social media platforms like YT, Spotify, Instagram...
  13. Anandb

    Thoughts on "Crushing It" - Gary Vaynerchuk (2018)?

    Has anyone read/gone through the audiobook and its business and social media marketing principles? (the book also seems very much focused on personal branding) What do you folks think about it?
  14. Anandb


    I've read Unscripted...the money pots system is definitely an amazing addition to the CENTS model. Being responsible for distinguishing between one's realities and one's rationalisations is not a message that is repeated often enough. Thanks for writing the book.

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