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  1. AmazingLarry

    Needs to be said... sell the DAMN motorcycle.

    I have a street legal dirtbike. Riding off road is definitely much safer than on road. There are obviously things always out of your control, but for the most part with off road riding you can decide how much risk you want to take by choosing what trails to ride and how hard you want to push...
  2. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Hey, guys. Been almost 2 months since I updated, but it's been busy. I finished my nonprofit website and submitted the patent application for my invention both in December, so I'm stoked about that. Then I got c0vid right before Christmas, so that slowed me down a bit. It wasn't bad, but I...
  3. AmazingLarry

    How creative are you? Take this test and find out...

    Your score is 92.0, higher than 98.19% of the people who have completed this task Don't really know how well creativity can be quantified, but it's definitely interesting. Even in the description it says this measures a small, specific portion of creativity. Gonna send this to my wife and...
  4. AmazingLarry

    2022 State Tax Rankings... Time for You to Move?

    That feel when you're #47. Sucks cause all my family is here and I don't want to move out of New England. Might be buying my father in law's New Hampshire house in the next couple years and seeing this just gives me more incentive.
  5. AmazingLarry

    Please tell us about your ride(s)...

    This is my '74 VW Beetle. Rebuilt it from the ground up and upgraded some components as well. It's fun as hell to drive, and I'm planning to put in a more powerful engine soon, which should make it even more fun! (Before pic)
  6. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Quick update. Haven't made too much progress on this in the last 2 weeks. I've been very busy with buying a house and finishing the website for my nonprofit. I was going to try and spread my time between my nonprofit website, patent writing, and van company, but I decided to knock the first...
  7. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Thanks! Initially I'll be converting customer's vans. Phase 2 will be to create some standard layouts, buy, convert, and sell (or rent).
  8. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Hey guys! I recently made a thread about a sprinter van that I converted into a camper and took a 3 month road trip in with the wife. I sold the van about a month ago, and after going through the whole process I decided to start a van conversion company, so this is my execution thread. I've...
  9. AmazingLarry

    Van Trend (RV vagabonding, travel)

    Hey guys, just an update on the van. Finished up my trip in September and sold the van earlier this month for an $8k profit. Not bad considering making money wasn't the goal. I got a ton of interest when I listed it online and sold it to the first person who contacted me. I also received a...
  10. AmazingLarry

    Learn any language while on the toilet (even if your IQ is lower than a chimps)

    Great post! What languages have you learned so far? I lived in Korea for 2 years and learned a bit (definitely could have learned much more if I put in the effort). Moved back to the US last year and I've recently been studying Korean again, essentially just enough not to lose what I already...
  11. AmazingLarry

    Big Passive Income Opportunities in Food/Farming?

    This is really cool. I'm interested to know more about how the vision system identifies the weeds. That's probably where most of the technology lies since everything else seems to be fairly straightforward. I wonder what other farming tasks could be automated like this. Looks like a lot of...
  12. AmazingLarry


    Great to hear the perspective of someone else who struggles with this. I can work all day or do no work and either way I feel anxious that I should be working more and it's difficult to truly relax. My brain knows that I need to spend time off with my family or good friends doing things I...
  13. AmazingLarry

    Power generation by using unusable heat

    This. Add it to the list of perpetual motion scams
  14. AmazingLarry

    Power generation by using unusable heat

    This technology is obsolete man. You can just mount a turbine on the top of your car and generate free energy while you drive. No need for special blowers.
  15. AmazingLarry

    BoltClamp Product Idea

    Looks like a similar concept as a molly bolt or jack nut These are typically used on drywall or other thin wall material, so I'm not sure how well they would be suited for sheet metal or other thin materials. You can tell by the molly bolts in the picture that there is a minimum thickness...

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