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  1. A. Rodriguez

    Article: 'We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO'

    I've just confirmed this fact. I found a paper on 'Eigenrumor algorithm for ranking blogs' which has been adopted by Google for ranking content based websites. You can download the paper via Google search
  2. A. Rodriguez

    Is this the Google Secret Ranking Algorithm?

    How did you accomplish these? Is it possible for informational queries
  3. A. Rodriguez

    How many of you have actually reached Fastlane?

    As papi016 stated, the fastlane is a mindset and not a destination.
  4. A. Rodriguez

    Is this the Google Secret Ranking Algorithm?

    Is Google Algo so much of a secret? I've been studying SEO for quite a long time now and also implementing different techniques to find what works for me. I recently made a discovery. I run a content-based website in a highly competitive niche to test some of my SEO strategies and also monetize...
  5. A. Rodriguez

    Article: 'We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO'

    What I've Noticed in Google Ranking is that the Overall Link Authority of a site has the Biggest Influence in Rankings. Most times, It doesn't require Building Links to Individual Pages to Rank high, it just ranks based on its overall site authority.
  6. A. Rodriguez

    Blackhat vs Whitehat SEO

    I've been studying SEO lately and I came across a statement by a popular SEO, he stated that it is not possible to be entirely whitehat and dominate search unless you are a brand especially in competitive niches. So my questions are: If I'm starting a site from scratch, is it possible to rank...
  7. A. Rodriguez

    INTRO 14 Years Old. Got a taste of Fastlane, never going back.

    Welcome to the forum. My story is exact as yours. Only that it wasn't a youtube channel and lambos aren't my passion. I'm 17 currently and I knew about the fastlane when I was 16. I still believe we have a great future ahead of us. Mine was a blog which I monetised my 3k-4k daily page views...
  8. A. Rodriguez

    17 Year Old Looking For Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm 17 and I've been visiting the forum for more than a year now. I read the millionaire fastlane while in high school and I'm in my first year in college. Now, I've been interested in entrepreneurship since I was 14. But my knowledge wasn't as developed as this especially after...
  9. A. Rodriguez

    RANT Why You Aren't Succeeding in Business

    People commonly overestimate how far they can get in a year, but grossly underestimate how far they can get in 5 years. If you actually want results, make a 5-year commitment to a particular path, like building an online business, developing your social skills, becoming a world traveler, etc. A...
  10. A. Rodriguez

    BOOK Next MJ DeMarco book?

    No need for a third. The first two are okay for everyone who aspires for more than just living. Also remember MJ writes only when there is a genuine need for it and not to make money like the others are doing.
  11. A. Rodriguez

    HOT! What to "Unlearn"?

    I now know what to unlearn and what actions to take. Thanks for this man.
  12. A. Rodriguez

    MEETUPS The Official 2018 Fastlane Summit Event Thread

    Nice. Ultimate gathering of UNSCRIPTED entrepreneurs
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