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We do this for 40 years...

and then you die. #LiveUnscripted

Argue, Jul 3, 2017
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    • HayesTech
      Damn the script is strong even in our childhood cartoons...
    • ZF Lee
      @HayesTech, why in the hell do you think that adults are willing to slave through 40 years of their short lives for just a retirement?! Conditioning from cartoons lol.

      But seriously, the Krusty Krab is a pretty good productocracy...awesome burgers and the human resource systems aren't exactly the rebellious kind, so to speak:rofl::rofl:
      And I'm surprised that he seems to only have one restaurant.
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    • HayesTech
      @ZF Lee krusty crab = fastlane, Krabs totally beat plankton with a far better value array. In one episode Krabs had a liquidation event, he just needed a money system and he would be chilling.
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    • ZF Lee
      I think Krabs does...but since the series centers around Spongebob, the typical Sidewalker/Slowlaner despite his optimistic tendencies, it's very unlike the show will discuss Krabs' dealings in detail.

      But the partnership break up between Krabs and Plankton was pretty real-life, IMO. And Plankton's dirty business tactics too....lol
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    Jul 3, 2017
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