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MJ DeMarco

Ecomonic Slavery Explained

Ecomonic Slavery Explained
MJ DeMarco, Oct 9, 2017
    • Van Halen
      I look over my life and think of every single person Ive ever met. All of them are tied up in this cycle, whether its the meaningless cog in the wheel jobs they work, the shitty food they eat, cars they finance, religious news watching, endless entertainment (netflix n chill!!/Video games/Social Media), constant getting drunk on the weekends, thoughtless medication taking and the worst is the non-stop political debate.. it's all the same. They all engage in the exact same cycle with the exact same results. Its 99% thinking and 99% results and it isn't pretty. I have higher standards for my own life, I won't let my life swirl down the corporate toilet like that.

      We really are lucky to have MJ write these books for us, your life has been blessed by coming across them. The whole game has been unveiled to us. Lets not waste this opportunity to free ourselves of the same trap.
    • Jason "GrandK"
      College is the greatest theft of time ever pulled. It not only wastes much of your youth, but the loans waste the remaining years trying to pay off your debt with a job that is in a complete different field than the one you have a degree in.
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    MJ DeMarco
    Oct 9, 2017
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