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New Profile Posts

  1. EPerceptions
  2. mtak.doc
    Helping the person next to me is the best advice i could have ever gotten.I just need a little help with the corner of a website;)
  3. LoneWolf21
    Still Grinding, Still learning, Not quitting anytime soon.
  4. Argue
    "Nothing happens until a sale is made."
  5. Cwholesale
    Cwholesale mosdef
    contact my email info@cambodiawholesale.com
  6. Rickchise23
    Exploring new ventures
  7. LinorCG
    Learned to let go of people
  8. Asp_DE
    "I fire the synapses to get an edge"
  9. JWelch
    You are what you consistently do.
  10. jasoncuellar123
    Woo! I got my domain back jasoncuellar.com
  11. Argue
    Argue SinisterLex
    Hey lex, stupid question but how long have you been writing copy? You're really great at your craft.
    1. SinisterLex
      A little over 2 years I think.
      Mar 23, 2017 at 6:18 AM
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  12. Christophe
    Be the change you wish to see in the world!
  13. Alessandro Pilotto
    Alessandro Pilotto
    2nd month in Australia! Now earning 5,8 aud/h as a farm hand!
  14. aj services
    aj services
    trying to stay cool over this winter.... Chicago winter is harsh !
  15. riganatos
    Currently working on a new business project and new opportunities !
  16. Gareth
    Gareth AndrewNC
    Keep up the good work!
  17. ChristineOgbonda
    Ready for the leap....
  18. joeiik
    joeiik Andy Black
    Hi Andy, where can I find transcript of your interview "How to Quickly Get Started in Business" ?

    Thanks for all your experiences and know how shared.
    1. Andy Black likes this.
    2. Andy Black
      Andy Black
      Thanks for listening. What was your biggest take-away? What will you do differently going forward.

      I never got it transcribed. It would cost me $60 so I've not done it yet. Maybe I'll come up with a way of transcribing them all.
      Mar 20, 2017
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    3. joeiik
      I understand.

      Im just in the middle, but you inspired me to one niche and that his undertaking (local/national), Im from Europe, Slovakia.

      Zero competition locally in this "bussiness" of undertaking people.

      Tommorow start to contact biz owners in my city.
      Mar 20, 2017
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  19. Razz
    Life is only as valuable as you are.Honor, Perseverance, Integrity, Value.
  20. Excalibur0047
    Working and hustling daily. Going to be remembered as a grinder.
  21. joeiik
  22. sstone
  23. MadBuztime
    Learning - Applying soon - watch this space!
  24. corius
    Good times become good memories, but bad times become good lessons
  25. MJ DeMarco
    MJ DeMarco Nicoknowsbest
    Can you please change your forum email address. We are getting hit with a ton of undeliverable notices sourced from your email account. Thx!
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    2. Nicoknowsbest
      @MJ DeMarco, thanks for your message. Sorry about this. I tried, but to change it I'd need access to this email address which I don't have anymore. In the setting it says that I need to request an account password first. Is there another solution to go about this?
      Mar 17, 2017