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young entrepreneur

  1. G

    First move with a bit of cash saved up but no skills? What is the absolute first step to allow you to provide value?

    What should be the first move to get you started making ENTREPRENEURIAL money? Is it coming up with an idea? Just learning a skill? If you already have a decent bit of money, and you have your basic necessities (food, shelter, clothes, etc) taken care of, what is the first step to start making...
  2. P

    Ideas, opinions and value about my decision of my future action

    Hi guys! My name's Max, I'm an argentinian kid of 17 years old. I've been reading "The Millionare Fastlane" for the past week or so. Gone though half of it already. This book, and many other things, motivated me to start an SMM Agency. Easy to start with, no money required, and i could give lots...
  3. The Racing Driver

    26 and going for first £3000/month

    Hi Everyone, I've joined this forum a long time ago and it's time to break the silence on where I've been and where I'm going: - For the last 10 years I've worked really hard to become a pro racing driver. Due to many personal and outside factors, namely funding, involving myself with the...
  4. dand

    Where it all started.

    I would like to share my story and open a discussion for advice. I'm 18 yo, currently "studying" Aerospace Engineering at a big-name leftist university. I'm fortunate to not get in debt for it. I go to zero lectures, take 2X the credits of an average student, and will finish in a total of 3-4...
  5. M

    I'm a new 17 year old entrepreneur who needs advice

    Hello I'm a young entrepreneur at the age of 17 and was wondering how to get started. If I can intern for anyone who thinks there a good business man/woman. I will be there to learn and work hard. And I could use some advice if your willing thank you!