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what to do

  1. Grom

    What to do I'm 16

    Hello. I'm 16, living in Ukraine. Want to be rich, yes sounds silly, but as it is. I read books, watch videos about making money, try to edit video and create. In my mind lives the idea of 10k/month in 2 years and in 6 years a million. I got a lot of advices from different books and videos, but...
  2. Anish

    What to do?

    Starting with scrap didn't have much money to buy a pc so do i first have to choose a job for sone decent amount of capital?
  3. M

    Everything feels competitive and impossible?

    Hi guys! Short intro So back in 2016 (I'm 24 now btw), when e-commerce and dropshipping was exploding on YouTube, I decided to go with it at that time and made some really good dropshipping sites, earned a ton of profit and sold the sites again. All in all a total success. Afterwards I started...
  4. M

    Am I doing it WRONG?

    Hello Guys, I am Marcel, 24 years old, from Germany. Firstly, many many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my post, I know how valuable your time is but I will think hard about every advice and food for thought you give to me! So please see it as an oppotunity to do good...