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  1. v1nci

    INTRO First forum post

    Well hello there. I'm Chris, I'm from Poland, I live in a small-town called Ciechanów, which is relatively near to Warsaw, the capital city. I also lived in Warsaw, Cracow, Kielce in many different apartments so someone might say that "I traveled". I come from a small village (like 300-500...
  2. Iulian Costea

    INTRO This is my welcome post

    Hello to everyone, my name is Iulian, I'm 24 years old and I'm the owner of a digital advertising and video production agency in Italy. I love the entrepreneurship and I'm happy to be in this forum. In this moment I'm reading "The millionaire fastline" and I love the book. What about you...
  3. Ennylee

    INTRO Hey guys! Meet me.

    I'm most excited to be a part of this forum, I'm a digital marketer, and a programmer. My favorite sport is Football and I'm a Liverpool FC fan, what about you? Other things I love doing is; teaching, cycling, video games, walking out, making new friends, and lots more. Comment let's meet...

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