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web hosting

  1. Blackman

    Managed VPS Hosting - Best Providers?

    Happy New Year 2024, everyone. I've been using Hostgator's shared hosting for the last 10 years and generally speaking, I haven't really had any issues with them, because reliability and speed wasn't too much of a concern for me... Now when I'm running an e-commerce website and spending money...
  2. Zedd9165

    Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting

    Hello Fastlaners, This is a quick question. I have been using Godaddy for all my domain purchases and hosting services for almost a decade now and the only reason I go with them is that the company is huge and they have some good customer service (as far as what I have experienced). However...
  3. IceCreamAction

    SiteGround, Geekstorage or Namecheap

    About to finalize hosting provider, title pretty much covers it. Looking at some opinions as I've narrowed down my options. Looking for votes on poll as I've read various reviews (both on FLF and other sites). Useful feedback is always welcome and thanks for taking the time to participate.
  4. S

    Starting a Web Hosting Business from Scratch - Not Reseller

    Hello, Does anyone have experience in starting/ running a web hosting business? I have an elegant solution to a persistent problem I have seen. But it requires that I own the servers and deploy my solutions on it. It might be easier to use AWS or another cloud service but it might cost a lot...
  5. R

    Finding the ideal ecommerce platform

    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm inspired just reading the forum categories when looking for where to post this. I'm working a standard 9-5 and determined to not be. Lots of web design and technology experience to trying to make money from that. My friend runs a small business and...
  6. H

    Seo,Marketing,Hosting needed (No lazy people please)

    Hi Can anyone help i'm looking for a hosting company does anyone know where i can host a website for cheap as it's a new venture and i want to keep my costs down. Thanks