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    OFF-TOPIC Is calling necessary for a web developer?

    I wanted to try to sell some websites via cold mailing, but I don't know if selling the website is possible without contacting by phone. When you write an email, does the client want to talk to you on the phone?
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    WEB SCHOOL Are these niches profitable for a web designer?

    I am a newbie in digital marketing (4 years+) doing all sorts of works. But now ready to niche down both by service and industry. By service, I chose web designing with WordPress (expertise here) as a focus. By industry, I am terrified - don't know what to do. Recently, the choices on my mind...
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    Brand Identity will help you succeed

    As a brand designer I often hear from people how they don't care about logo, website design, etc; they just wan to sell. Many of those people end up selling nothing because they don't look legit and someone buyers can trust. This could be applied on any kind of business! How Important is...
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