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trade show

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  1. tiagosoares17.22

    Trade Shows: The Impact That Had or Didn't Have On Your Business

    So, the title of this thread says it all. What results did you get out of trade shows? What are your thoughts on getting a booth on trade shows related to your business? ---------------------- I am starting out, and after a lot of research and talking with qualified and successful...
  2. Longinus

    The First Time in China Guide

    In the near future, I'm going to see a trade show (not Canton Fair) in China. It's my first time ever in China and I heard and read a lot of things. Since many forum members have lots of experience visiting this country, it would be nice to sum up all the important stuff. I want to create a...
  3. Vigilante

    NOTABLE! BookCon / Book Expo Experience and Trade Show Scam(s): Warning to Indie Authors

    Please know that this thread represents my opinion, and isn't necessarily the opinion of everybody in attendance at the event. Let's unpack it this way. We're fond around here of saying "fail faster" and for me, this show was an opportunity to accelerate directly into the market and let the...

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