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startup growth

  1. stefanoesposito

    After Months of Dedication, I Fulfilled A Dream: MyGigz is Live and Already Receiving Its First Accolades!

    In these days, I have fulfilled a dream that I have cherished for years: I launched MyGigz, a multi-user platform dedicated to musicians, artists and live event organizers. Its purpose is simple yet powerful: it serves as a centralized hub for live gig updates and allows the sharing of dates...
  2. Vasudev Soni

    Help me scale my app in it’s early stages

    Hey Fastlane Forum users, I want to ask this from you today: How do we scale the app fast and what should be the next steps towards building our fastlane business? (Read below for more details) I launched my app about three months ago and currently have 7k+ downloads. We have spent $0 in...
  3. Alex1331

    How should I finance a business

    Hello guys, I`m 17 year old and have an inovative business idea, but in order to start my own company and create the product, I`m going to need more than 50K. For me that`s a lot of money. What should I do? How can I earn this amount of money to launch the product as soon as possible? Thank you...
  4. N

    My Little Side-Project has Grown a LOT!

    Hey there! I am Rich Clominson, maker of Failory. 16 months ago, I launched my little side-project on a few communities, which consisted of weekly interviews with the founders of failed startups. All these months, I have been working on my free times to make the site richer. And today, after...