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  1. Florian

    EXECUTION Experimenting a little bit..

    Hey guys and girls, One of the challenges that I discovered in the beginning where the paralysis of not knowing where to start. Everything is a potential opportunity and I was afraid I could be stuck not knowing what to do even before I started. So I decided to just take one product which...
  2. PersistentlyHungry

    Struggling with soft-testing ideas? GET IN HERE!

    Hey folks, Much like you, I've struggled for a long time with soft-testing my ideas quickly and cheaply. I have recently came across an AMAZING tool which allows you to soft quickly and methodically - using the method that's been featured in "The Four Steps to Epiphany". These guys will...
  3. Florian

    Soft Proof - How could I disrupt this?

    Short form: I want to do a softproof using Facebook Ad's. Because it's expensive (100€) and needs 1-2 weeks of preparation to figure out - the target group and - the required conversionrate I wonder if there is a way to disrupt this process? Any ideas? Thank you :) Hey guys, I think you guys...
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