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save time

  1. YeZi

    INTRO Hello :)

    I'm just a common student of South Korea, 19. Before I read 'the Book', I think I must get a Master's degree...(even in Switzerland! the course demands nealy $250,000, and when added my bachelor's degree in Korea, I'm spending $350,000~ $400,000 to get a $30,000 salary!!! Though my job doesn't...
  2. Trud09

    Recovering Slowlaner Thread

    Hi there, If you are like me, you were indoctrinated into slowlane. Slay time to save a little bit of money. If there are others out there who are like me, there might be things you are doing that you don't realize are costing you time to try and save a minuscule amount of money. I thought we...
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