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puerto rico

  1. Mike Partee

    MEETUPS PUERTO RICO (San Juan) — Fastlane Meetup

    After the 2020 Fastlane Summit, many people expressed interest in visiting Puerto Rico; Whether for Vacation, the current tax incentives attractive to US Citizens, or both. Myself, @Tom.V, @RayAndré, and @Misslopez call this place home and are here full-time, and would be thrilled for those...
  2. Tom.V

    Tired of Paying Taxes? Move Your Business to Puerto Rico

    Are you living in the US? Sick and tired of paying obscene corporate, dividend, capital gains, and personal taxes? Do you like warm weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women? You might want to look into Puerto Rico. But let’s back up. It was about a year or so ago I really started...
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