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product testing

  1. Chibbs

    HOT TOPIC Invented Product: Testing Market w/ Amazon Product Listing and Facebook Ads

    Hey all, I recently started a new ecommerce business venture. When I moved to a new house and installed by weight room in the basement. I realized the I-joist ceiling was the perfect place to hang pullup bars & monkey bars. I came up with a design that allowed me to create a pull up bar...
  2. C

    Prototype - Financial Education/Money Management Platform

    Hello, I appreciate being able to connect with experienced entrepreneurs to keep me in the game. It has certainly helped me. I've been busy developing a virtual, self-paced, prototype of a personal finance platform called the 5 Pillars of Financial Freedom. My primary concern at this point...
  3. Surf16

    Testing New Product - The Belvedere

    I have a progress thread but thought I might get more eyeballs with a new thread. My partner and I are in the testing phase of our new product. We are trying to gauge if we actually have a product or not. We created a landing page and would appreciate any and all honest opinions, thoughts...
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