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product research

  1. ryangilchrist

    Super Simple Market Research Strategy You Might Like

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I’ve considered a few different ideas about how to create my fastlane business and mainly generate my strategies by studying the online marketer Russell Brunson… I’ve got some pretty good ideas and wanted to share the strategy I'm currently attempting: Here's The...
  2. ZahScr

    Is it Lindy?

    Who here has considered the Lindy Effect when evaluating fast lane business ideas? The Lindy Effect says that if something has existed for x number of years, you can reasonably expect it to exist for that same number of years into the future. More info on the idea in this video, article, and...
  3. LPPC

    Market research for preferred size of product

    Hi all! I'm looking to import a product which comes in different sizes (non-clothing) and launch it on Amazon. Right now there is only 1 competitor selling this product and he is providing 1 size of it. I can choose 1 out of 5 sizes to launch. To determine which size is the most preferred by...
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