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peter thiel

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  1. krl

    Peter Thiel on "The Portal", Episode #001: "An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure."

    Billionaire Technologist and Investor Peter Thiel is the guest as he joins Eric Weinstein in the studio to Launch "The Portal": a new podcast and video channel dedicated to our search for a path to a more transcendent and transformative future together. Peter and Eric discuss the link between...
  2. Manchild_Unbound

    BOOK Zero to One by Peter Thiel - Detailed Notes and Summary

    Amazon Link This is one of the recommended books at the bottom of the Fastlane Forum. I've seen it recommended as essential reading elsewhere and I can certainly see why! What most stood out to me was how Peter Thiel has his own version of the CENTS commandments. Posed as questions, these are...

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