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perceived value

  1. Johnny boy

    Small changes, big results (value discussion)

    (this was a reply to this post IDEA - MINDSET - RELATIVE value, not value ) In almost all things, you buy it before you experience or use it, so you are not even buying because of value or relative value until you go back to buy it twice, you are buying purely because of perceived value at...
  2. G

    CENTS Idea Valuation Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  3. MJ DeMarco

    The Fyre Festival Fraud; Get Rich Fast Providing Perceived Value, Over Actual Value

    The TLDR; A huge music festival in the Bahamas was advertised on Instagram by a bunch of Instagram narcissists, targeting a bunch of Instagram narcissists, the perfect selfie and humblebrag opportunity for over-compensating millennials who have too much money to spend from parents with too much...