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  1. HJP

    Getting a list of outbound leads?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a list of outbound leads through either buying them or scraping however I've never done it before. I've curated a list of around 150 leads manually and had decent success with it however it is incredibly time consuming and I'd like to make use of a list that is pre made /...
  2. M

    What's your underrated outreach method/strategy? (Outreach Thread)

    I'll go first: Industry: Web development (Freelance) Strategy: Reddit has been working for me the best till now. I usually send chat requests (my pitch + portfolio) to warm leads (leads that have shown some indication of interest in webdev services in their recent posts/comments). For example...
  3. PiotrB

    Cold Calling Strategy

    Hello! I'm launching my service business pretty soon and I'll be targetting US-based companies. One of the methods for reaching out to customers that I'm going to use is cold calling. However, I'm not from the US and therefore I don't own any US phone numbers. I've tried using virtual numbers...
  4. Medellin

    Manual Outbound Sales Thread

    Hi all, Inspired by Alex Hormozi, I've decided to dedicate the next few months to focusing on getting good at manual outbound sales. I think the skill of being in control of your sales, instead of depending on your customers coming to you, is a highly valuable and important skill. Ideas: -...
  5. Andy Black

    Using LinkedIn to get Clients

    Using LinkedIn to get Clients I watched this video over the weekend and thought I'd revisit LinkedIn. A more important take-away is how methodical Cody is at signing up new clients - something I should do for sure. So I thought I'd start a discussion on how we're using LinkedIn as a...

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