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  1. Metz

    EXECUTION My First Foray Into Ecommerce

    ENTRY 0. So since we're at the eve of starting a new month, I figured now's a nice clean slate to begin keeping track of my progress into a new venture: ecommerce. A bit of backstory: I'm a freelance writer with an emphasis on organic SEO. I've helped friends and clients either set up websites...
  2. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    I'll keep it short and simple. Been doing affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now. Was working with a dysfunctional company for most of the time, but got out of that and on my own now a couple months back. VERY happy with where I am now with affiliate marketing, but I want to build...
  3. Hassen

    EXECUTION Starting out Exporting with Amazon FBA

    Hi everyone! Been lurking a bit and in fact started trying out FBA before I found this forum. Almost finishing reading the book as well. This place looks chill, and I was pretty inspired by the progress thread of @BusinessBen so I've decided to make this post. A bit about myself and my...
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