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multiple sources of income

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  1. DMNinja

    Working on Multiple Businesses vs Focusing on One.

    Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since my last post, but I've been busy. Busy reading Unscripted again, busy picking up some niche freelance work for money, busy trying to reflect back to the past when I first read the book, and how my life has changed since then. I've been trying to...
  2. Kal-El1998

    INTRO New Here! What Vehicles Are You Using For The Fast Lane?

    Hey guys I'm new here. Freshly out of college and ready to get hustling! I have a CS degree so I'm more than well versed in building websites which might be a way to make some money quickly. However...something I picked up on in the book was this idea of recurring income/ multiple sources of...
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