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mj dermaco

  1. Fastlane_boy

    Calculated My Escape Number, It's Freaking $$

    before reading the millionaire Fastlane & The Great rat race escape, I had an my financial freedom number in my mind and it was $7 M, but came up with it just by doing mind calculation ( Not on the paper) But, Now as I Calculated it by MJ method On Paper according to my 10 Year Planasy, The...
  2. Aladin

    Can I do it??

    Hello my name is Aladin I'm 18 year old from Tunisia. I'm in the last year in the preparatory school and want to go to a computer science university. So, since I was young my goal was to be rich ,for that reason, I learned many things alone from the internet to achieve my target (English...
  3. Shubham Hire

    I'm frustrated thinking about business ideas.

    I'm a college student right now and decided to start my own business because it's my dream. Till date I haven't earned a single buck, but I have this mindset that no matter what happens I'll do business and gain financial independence. My biggest problem is that I don't have any business idea to...
  4. S

    Hello every one,I'm new here.

    Hello everyone, I'm Sibusiso Victor an aspiring entrepreneur from South Africa. I have listerni to both books the millionaire fastlane and unscripted.

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