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  1. TonyStark

    Steve Harvey - How to Make a Million Dollars [video]

    So I know the math in the video is a little wrong, I think he just wasn't clear enough.... TL;DW: Take what you can do for $10, and do that 10 times. Take that $100, and do what you did to get that $100, ten times. Take that $1000, and do what you did to get $1000, ten times. Then...
  2. Eisenstein

    Edutainment Success Analyzing

    Hey Fastlaners! Hopefully this is the right place for this thread. If not, please move :( So, of course i was playing with some ideas and i got stuck to some of the area "edutainment". In the Fastlane book DeMarco had a inspirational listing of themes, that might change peoples lives and are...

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