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making money

  1. N

    The Age of Making Money is over?

    Hi everyone, just watched this video by TechLead and it kind of killed my spirits a little if I'm being honest. I was curious to see how some of you felt by this video or if you've even watched it at all. View: . He pretty much says being productive and trying to...
  2. Victor Newman

    Lets Talk About Failure In Business (Making Money)...

    I'm starting a podcast about failure in business (trying to make money). I'm looking for guests who want to talk about their attempts at making money that failed. And the reasons they think it failed (and if those reasons are even correct). Doesn't matter how big or small the failure. Nor...
  3. A. Rodriguez

    What Should I Do At 17?

    I'm currently 17 and in my first year in college. Picking up TMF and reading it through was undoubtedly the best choice I've ever made in my life. Had I not made that decision to get that book, my wealth strategy as an aspiring entrepreneur would have remained flawed. So, I'm thinking of what I...
  4. J

    What would you do (Have patent, want to sell license)

    Hello Please share your advice. I am an independent inventor with an issued patent. I have an informative website including a contact page. While viewing site Analytics I can only see Internet provider information with the exception of a few assumed "self served", which brings me to my...