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legal advice

  1. Zontora

    Quick question - Contracts, minor and more

    Hey everyone. I have a marketing agency. So do I need to sign contracts? I get that it's good later on when I'm dealing with big companies. But now when I'm dealing with small-medium busineses? What are your thoughts?
  2. rizbit

    Looking for Advice for unfair app suspension by google play

    Hey I wanted some serious advice about an unfair app suspension from the Google Play Store. In the UK we have laws where if a worker is unfairly sacked from work they can take legal action and get justice that way. However when it comes to the 'business partnership' with Google Play even if...
  3. Yanezez

    Is this Legal? Selling Bundled Essays/Opinion Pieces

    Hello all, This is not my business nor am I suggesting to violate copyright laws. I was wondering, I've done my research around public domain books which one can use and sell. What is the process (legally) for example on essays or short short stories which are not really books. For example, if...
  4. Crafty

    Question About DBA/Legal Trade Name

    Hello all! TLDR: As someone with a business incorporated in Wyoming under a different name than what my e-commerce website is called, do I need to file for a trade name for the state of Wyoming? Does me living in a different state affect this at all? More details: I filed for an LLC through a...
  5. kelvin811

    Overseas business registration?

    Hey there everyone. I'm currently 17 years old and aspiring to create a digital marketing agency. As of now, I've done around 200 cold emails, contacted a few media buyers, and have a few warm leads. However, I'm living in Hong Kong, as a Hong Kong citizen. This means I cannot register a...
  6. PPrince

    LLC formations by non US persons

    Hello forum, I am researching business payment options in tandem with my business system concepts (I have to execute my plan this way, as I am not a US person). My search led me to consider Legal Zoom for advice regarding LLC formations. I contacted them and was told I would have unlimited 30...