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learning skills

  1. G

    How are you supposed to start a business before you have any marketable skills

    I’m 14 and I have summer break right now. I want to dedicate this summer break to entrepreneurship and developing myself. I have though about learning coding and also about starting a YouTube channel (as you may see in my other posts). I know I am just 14 but I want to try to in some way take...
  2. Timo.

    How to find good quality Google Ads resources?

    Hey, my name is Timo and I just finished school in Germany. Because of that I have currently a lot of free time that I am going to use productively. For the last couple of months I researched this forum and MJ’s books but I never participated or took action towards my goals. I felt like I was...
  3. prateek_cpu

    Skills upgrading

    Hello people As I’m now learning and upgrading 2 new software skills for my business model, what is the best way to manage both of them simultaneously So I can elevate my skills and give better performance for my client In future. Both software is for designing purpose - one for...
  4. yungmaghlas

    The Level of Skill You should have to Confirm Your Employees are Competent

    This came to mind as I hired someone from Upwork to design my logo. It was a task that I believe that should have taken 1-2 hours. It required combining 3 reference images into a rather simplistic logo. However my artist took 4 hours and even forgot some features he took. The fact that he didn't...