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lead magnet

  1. Zizu

    How do I distribute my lead magnet?

    So my question might have a double meaning here. Anyways I've created the lead magnet, what I'm looking for now is a way to distribute it. What is the best service to use where they can just type in their e-mail and get their download link? So I'm basically just looking for a link I can put up...
  2. B

    Is cold-calling necessary for getting good with Web design sales?

    Good day to anyone that might be reading this. I am new here. Its a pleasure to meet you all. I have spent a couple of hours lurking around the Fastlane forum to see if there might be a solution tailored towards the business model that I am pursuing. I'll try and keep this short. I am a UX/UI...
  3. S

    I built a platform for converting website visitors into individual leads

    Hello dear fellows; we all know about those projects offering identification of companies based on website visitors. I went further and, in the last half a year, built a way to legally identify individuals with their contact data, which greatly simplifies lead generation. I am not here to sell...
  4. Niko

    How to best promote my upcoming Meditation book?

    Hi, My project I have been working on my first online business for a few months now and my very first product will be a Meditation book in French (currently writing it). My question: What method/process would you recommend me to best pre-launch/launch this book? - What should be the launch...
  5. Ankerstein17

    Do I need a Disclaimer?

    Hey, guys, it's been a while since I last posted on this forum! I hope everyone is doing well in their ventures. I have a question and or concern that I could use some help with. But before that, let me provide a little background to what I am doing and what industry because I think...