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  1. C

    Rat Race has Killed me

    Thought I would introduce myself here, I read Millionaire Fastlane a while back and just finished unscripted. Going through a bit now and looking for any words of wisdom. I'm 25 been working in B2b Sales for the last year now while I love the company I am working for the fact I leave for work at...
  2. A Z

    I'm AZ - Married With Kids, Looking to Escape The Golden Handcuffs!

    Hello All! I've read unscripted and now I'm going to be rich in 1 year! Just watch! Just kidding. You can unroll your eyes now. Just wanted to enter with a little joke. I wanted to introduce myself and get some advice(is that allowed on the intro threads? if not just direct me to the correct...
  3. DaDream

    Rey | Miami | Digital Marketing & SEO

    Hello everyone in this community. Currently, I work for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the linens industry. I have been there for 10 months and I'm doing most tasks a Vice President used to do. I do everything from digital marketing, to SEO and some basic programming/photoshop...
  4. Michael Muniak

    Hi everyone, Michael here!

    Hello everyone, super pleased to be a part of this forum. After reading the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted I decided to finally hop on this forum to get ideas & advice from other successful entrepreneurs such as yourselves! A little about me: I'm an 18-year-old college dropout who is...

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